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Ms. Strauss begins each portrait with a client meeting to discuss the portrait's purpose and size, as well as details of the background, pose and clothing. The artist learns where the portrait will hang and something about the personal characteristics of the subject. She needs only one photographic sitting at the studio or at the client's location. This session involves experimentation with the pose, lighting, background, clothing accessories and expression. When ready, proofs are shown to the client and selection is made based on the best pose, lighting and overall appearance. In some cases where high quality photographs are available, the artist may do a portrait without a photography session.

The personal attention Ms. Strauss gives to each subject brings the canvas to life with portraits that truly reflect the unique character and personality of each subject. Her ultimate objective is to represent the subject at his or her best.

Prices begin at $3,500 and vary according to the number of subjects, the size of the painting and the background setting.


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